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Don’t Call Me a Witch (2)

From Alison Nappi

Don’t Call Me a Witch (1) here.

You don't have to.

They have told you an inside-out story, pulled you through a looking glass, made you believe you've been captured, but your bondage is a string around the ankle of an elephant.

They've convinced you that you need them, that their way defies death, when in fact it is the machine trapping souls escaping dying bodies that still had learnings left in them.

You don't have to genuflect to the machine, beg for it to place you somewhere less brutal than the ones who are chained to lines in factories or tiny desks, or mining coal or shaving the curves into mannequins.

You don't have to believe them when they tell you that your uniqueness is a sickness, that to defy them will mean your undoing, that it makes you the enemy.

If you know what's inside you, if you have hunted yourself down in the psych wards of the underworld, in the grooves at the edge of a quarter, into places where worlds share a wall or a floor, then you already know.

You already know that the greatly spun yarn that argues for the system is merely made of threads entangled--knotted karmic webbing--that sends would-be game-changers down a rabbit hole and into the cunning trappings of the spider-king from your favorite horror movies.

You don’t have to choose between feeding your soul and your family.

You don’t have to choose between making millions and staying true.

You don’t have to choose between the animal of your body and the holiness of your spirit.

You don’t have to get with the program or starve in the streets.

You don’t have to.

There is another way. Follow the map on the soles of your feet, not the one that comes with your welcome-to-earth-socialization-packet. Let the lantern of your heart illuminate the path. There is a way out, I promise you that, and you already know how to go.

Alison Nappi

has spent her whole life in a love affair with the stories of the world soul. When she isn’t coaching up-and-coming writers, you may find her defying gravity, summoning the wind with a heathen dance under a full moon, or laughing with her family at the edge of a primal, wild ocean. Find Alison on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.