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Don’t Call Me a Witch

From Alison Nappi

Don't call me a witch, just because when I scream, I crack the jagged sky. You cannot contain me with five tiny letters, or even five elements: the glory of the wild earth, responding to my heartbeat.

Don't call me a witch, so you can light me on fire. I am already blazing, with the greatness of Soul.

I've been called so many things made to exult or diminish me, but none of them are as real as I am. What I contain, cannot contain me. I cannot be made thread-barren for the faulty speech of righteous men.

My lineage is long and noble, born of stars and musky earth. I will never run out of things to give. I am the cup that never empties.

I will always draw up more from that sacred silver well. I will always draw in the sky, fierce and mighty, and breathe her into you on my out-breath.

I will shake my hips and the ground will quake. I will open my wings and the wind will come. I will blaze for you, show you the living light: the fire that cannot go out. I will bring you to the gates of here and there.

From the womb of Creation herself I will bring forth new life, again and again.

So don't call me a witch. It is not my will I project. Creation Herself, is my mighty Source. It is Her magic that made me. It is Her limitless power through which the decree for miracles comes.

And from the pulsing in my chest, the volcanoes in my belly, the cauldron in my womb, She pours out into your cup.

The elixir of new life is not a potion.

The medicine of Soul is not a spell.

I am the cup that never empties.

I am all the worlds that love you,

soaking in a pool of holy light.

So don't call me a witch. Call me Love. Call me Mother. Call me Queen. Call me Holiness. Call me Goddess. Call me Ancient. Call me Vast. Call me Alchemist.

Call me The Wildness.

Or don't call me at all.

Alison Nappi

has spent her whole life in a love affair with the stories of the world soul. When she isn’t coaching up-and-coming writers, you may find her defying gravity, summoning the wind with a heathen dance under a full moon, or laughing with her family at the edge of a primal, wild ocean. Find Alison on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.