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Lessons From Dogs

And so I take my memories of her and the lessons learned from her into the future, for isn’t that one way our beloved dead live on? And what would those lessons be? To live in the moment and fully, to experience it all with truth and with feeling. To honour family and friends. To guard and protect those who cannot do so for themselves. To love with my whole being and to sink my teeth and claws into my enemies, those that would harm me and keep me caged.

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Feathered Folklore

As I write this, I’m sitting in my garden, drinking my morning brew in the dark and listening to the rain. At this time of year, there isn’t much of a dawn chorus. That melody is better than any orchestra of man, but even in these darker months, the birds are ever present; the chirps of the sparrows nestled in the thick ivy, the loud and melodic call of the blackbird, clear as a bell as is the robins song. It’s no wonder we, mankind, have a special fascination with these feathered creatures as shown in the vast array of folklore associated with birds.

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Full Moon Musings: Finding the Devil

We see it time and time again. Hipster foods that make poor brown people starve because they can no longer afford a food that was once their staple; or crops that are grown for cattle to satisfy our demand for ever cheaper meat instead of to feed those people who grow them. It’s not those folks who benefit from this supposed growth. It is not you or I.

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