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Hannah Arendt, bell hooks, Slavoj Zizek...just a few names on an ever-growing list of philosophers that good leftists aren't “allowed" to read anymore because of something “problematic" they said.

In this episode, Alley and Rhyd discuss the “canceling" of artists, philosophers, and other creators and trace the roots of our obsession with right belief to the Christian wars against heresy and the Calvinist obsession with faith over works.

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Folklore & Superstitions - Connecting With The Land Where You Live

I adore folk lore, superstitions and old wives tales, from all over the world. There are stories and sayings about almost everything you can think of from trees, to birds to the weird and wonderful. I believe such stories give a great deal of insight into humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and highlight the common thread that runs through whilst at the same time celebrating our differences. These stories can help to deepen our understanding of and thus our connection to the land. Here I’ll share with you some of my favourite tree lore.

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Brazil's "Dictatorship Deniers": the new guise of capitalist hegemony

We’ve impeached a President, replaced her with a criminal, and now we are run by militia. A severely flawed Democracy has been replaced by a Military Dictatorship that barely bothers to disguise. Where but in a dystopian world is this framed as “Freedom”?

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