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The Burning World and the Hope of Hopelessness

As the pressure builds, we know we cannot carry on as we have been doing. We, as a species, will reap what we have sown, in one way or another, for I feel we are too far gone for anything else. And I say we, for we are all complicit, to varying degrees, whether we think we can escape our guilt by ‘offsetting’ the damage we do by flashing the cash, an elitist idea if ever there was one, or whether our compliance has been been forced, herded along by a system that has enslaved us all. A system where the poor and oppressed are forced to live on the efforts of other poor and oppressed peoples because they cannot afford otherwise. A system that makes everything a resource and that makes consumers of us all.

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On Community, Solidarity & The Passing of Greatness

So what does this mean when it comes to community building and forging solidarity links? Quite simply it means that you must be willing to take action of some sort. The time for such is now. And if there’s nothing happening in your neighbourhood or town, then you must be willing to step forward, to create the narrative you want to see. It may be scary but you must try and you might well be surprised with the outcome.

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An Excerpt from ‘Gods-Speaking’

Gods&Radicals published a book I have written: three linked essays about trancing, speaking to the Gods and hearing a response, and being a Believer/Animist. I wrote these essays with taken-by-me photos as part of the story but publishing, alas, puts an unacceptable price on photographs and they had to be left out when we came to it. Here they are-

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