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Feed Lots

“the clear advantages

to animal and environment

standardized and certified

by the Truly Grassfed Alliance”

From Rex Butters

at a geezer steak house restaurant

old north woods lodge with fireplace decor

on a freeway onramp

in sunny coastal Oceanside

I find the last parking space

on their rolling multi level lot


the hostess knows my party

white topped horseshoe table layout

conference room

new protein powder rollout dinner

slide show

straight from work

I’m the only one still in store uniform

I take my place at the table

the five dish menu runs from beef to fish

when the waitress takes my order

I tell her no thanks, I just had lunch

I’m just here for the presentation

thinking of homemade black bean soup

and kale enchiladas at home later

“no,” the guy next to me

leans in and offers

“the issue here is that he’s vegetarian

and there’s nothing on the

menu he can eat”

“we have something for vegetarians,”

she says softly

not sinisterly

writes something

moves away quickly

the protein powder presentation

discusses dairy derived whey

their protein source

he stresses

their use of Irish dairy farms

their spacious pastures

with charts, images, short video presentations

he demonstrates

why a few cows on a couple open grassy acres

beat feed lot

animals standing crowded in filth

force fed feed to fatten

alien to their alimentary canals

standing meat and milk farms waiting to die

natural lifespans quartered

despite drowning in antibiotics and steroids

the clear advantages

to animal and environment

standardized and certified

by the Truly Grassfed Alliance

everyone gets it

the 30 knowledgeable people around me

from health food stores

and health food manufacturers

brows furrowed



cooked muscle tissue cut

from these same sick feed lot animals

while they wonder at the cruelty

of the dairy industry

a white pound of paste

indifferently boiled and dressed in oil

sliced carrot rounds

served lukewarm, apparently

perhaps mercifully

without flavor

sits in front of me

“that looks awful,”

the guy next to me

chewing sick cow

leans in

and offers

“have ‘em wrap it up

in a box

maybe your wife will want it”

the woman next to me

taking her muscle chunk home

leans in


“I don’t thinks so,”

I say

knowing her

Rex Butters

Rolling hills and wheeling crows, a voluptuous valley under sunset bloody clouds, night coyote pup trots, mouth full of rabbit or cat, pollinators buzz the trumpet creeper, windy, cold.