Gods&Radicals—A Site of Beautiful Resistance.

The New Pledge of Allegiance

repeat after me

the elites educate you

to stop thinking

the elites want you to believe

what their media tells you

the elites want tv to be

your reality

the  elites want you to suspect everyone

but them

the elites encourage unspeakable violence

as the norm

the elites fully support

toothless artistic expression

the elites make every movie revolve around

who has the gun

the elites make music suck

by draining our lives

of sacred spontaneous sound

the elites want poetry to rhyme

all the time

the elites listen to your

phone calls after

reading your texts

the elites spend billions

recruiting, training, arming

elite forces to protect them from

your waking up

the elites hate women

and children

the elites feed you

genetically altered/nutritionally empty

patented mutagenic food

the elites make you work three jobs

die young, burnt out, and broke

too busy to read or react

the elites waste your limited resources

for their profit

the elites will privatize your water

after they fill it with toxic waste

killing every swimming species

the elites exploit impotent acts of radicalism

to pacify your heart and mind

the elites commit

crimes against peace

the elites undermine/discredit/destroy



anyone glimpsing them

the elites create and bait

the races

keeping us distracted and divided

the elites deploy tax paid public servant

police force as bullying

over armed

mad dog occupying army

answerable to no one

the elites bake you with radiation

laughing from the comfort of their

lead-lined bunkers

the elites control elections

giving candidates and issues

preferential media exposure

the elites keep slavery alive

behind bars

in for profit prisons

the elites look you in the eye

take your children

molest them in airports

just to see you obey

the elites destroy community and culture

by raising rents

the elites want you to shut up and stay home

before a flickering light

the elites use their religions

to kill your spirit

the elites feed your children

into a physical and psychological

invasion force meat grinder

to protect oil company

and defense contractor


the elites throw out your votes

the elites want the truth


the elites want the truth


the elites want the truth


the elites depend on you

not believing me

Rex Butters

Rolling hills and wheeling crows, a voluptuous valley under sunset bloody clouds, night coyote pup trots, mouth full of rabbit or cat, pollinators buzz the trumpet creeper, windy, cold.