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Attack of the Karmic Nazi Cancer Shits

We, all of us, need irresponsible partying, within a bound length of time. We already have this in the form of Christmas. I argue that time is wasted getting people to call it Saturnalia and aping some lame reconstruction of Roman partying.

The Black Sun ascends. The black light bathes the land, everything glowing neon in the black light. Everyone bathed in this glow either kills themselves or starts murdering the people nearest to them. Eventually all biological life follows suit. This continues until all life is dust. This is what the Black Sun symbolizes because this is what the Black Sun is, the murder suicide impulse. This thing, one could say, is produced by the activity of Corporate Persons. In humans, the Black Sun finds its gateway to the material in a twin pair of psychic toxins, anxiety and alienation. Unfortunately for human people, these toxins are produced in abundance by Corporate Persons and specifically the normal intake and excretion function of Corporate People. Yes, corporations eat time and shit anxiety and alienation. Our Patæconomical study will be of that excreta and what it lets in.

When the excreta of Corporate People reaches a toxic level in a mass of humans, enough of the Black Sun comes through to form its own gestalt here in the real. The Black Sun only wants to destroy. Destroy everything it can't incorporate, and then everything it did. Politicians, ignorant of the Thing from Beyond that they summon, think to ride this energy to victory and power. These fools realize too late that the power they have allied themselves with aims only at death. The secret of power is that power holds you. That is why you avoid power. These fools aim at being held by their own extinction. And not in a good way.

Stanton Marlan, in his book on the Black Sun speaks of the relationship between this being's imagery and the inability to integrate some unknown trauma in patients. Individuals alone who contact this being through trauma that results in anxiety and/or alienation can manifest it. They are unprepared for it, and it traumatizes them further. The ancients had alchemy, tantra, and sorcery, and so were prepared. Contact was still dangerous, but was necessary for growth. For the trained, the Black Sun can heal. Those who experience trauma, or who are exposed to these toxins through the pollution of human society, have no such preparation. When the psychic pollution spikes, the Black Sun manifests not as individual demons, the karmic debtors that you must appease, but as a psychic gestalt that begins pursuing death, through you.

Its servants are many, their dedication extreme, their humanity stripped. The Black Sun can and will eat souls. Jung links the Black Sun to Saturn, in its most baby eating and mortifying aspect. This is the Grim Reaper, not just of a human life, but of all life. It isn't manifesting in a group of adepts seeking that knowledge for growth, it is manifesting in the psychic sludge of an otherwise normal group of people. Nation by nation, the anxiety and alienation peak and then nation by nation fascists are ascendant. This is the psychic cancer of the Black Sun, and it is the karma of the Invisible Hand.

Alienation and Anxiety

What alienates us? And what are we afraid of? The answer is Capitalism. Capitalism alienates us. We are afraid of the personal consequences of the Capitalist system. When Capitalism as a system functions to its highest efficiency, the alienation and anxiety also reach their peak. It is endured for many rationalizations, all of which cover the reality of the Stockholm Syndrome/Milgram effect; we have come to love the abuser, and are all too willing to cede authority to the authority of the abuser.

To be alienated from others is to be alienated from the self. Our selves exist in the context of the group. There is no group without selves. There is no self out of the context of the group. This is why solitary confinement can be such good torture. The fundamental war is on self-knowledge. Alienation from the self is the foundation on which all other alienation is built. It happens early, and it goes deep. It goes deep, and itself deepens the anxiety felt living the life of a Capitalist thrall. On a fundamental level, we live in a system that discourages, if not out right prevents, normal human social behavioral responses to someone in need, i.e. rendering aid. Your community may or may not be supportive of you if you cannot generate revenue. “Not making money? Sorry but fuck you...”, is the basic message here. It is a hard impulse for the Corporations to fight, but they are winning that fight. Non-living humans endure in ways humans do not. They think in ways humans do not, at a pace far removed from the rhythms of human experience. I feel like I've covered this before, so lets move on.

Karmic Nazi Cancer Shits

They didn't just spontaneously generate. Like a human body will always have some cancer cells, the human social body will always have that presence. The random massacre/suicides. That kind of thing. Individual instances of alienation and anxiety exploding in a human society. The rates vary with the amount of social support structures. They always happen, but the human immune system deals with them. The social support system keeps the alienation and anxiety down, thereby lowering the rate of these outbreaks. Until the immune system or social support systems don't. That's when you get cancer. That's when you get Fascists. The Capitalist system does the opposite of the social support system. Like an illness that so compromises your immune system you start getting cancers that under normal conditions are functionally impossible.

A normal cyclic out flow of Corporate function in a Capitalist system is that the environment gets so toxic that the humans come down with a case of Karmic Nazi Cancer Shits! Karmic as in it is the natural result of the cause, Capitalism. As long as we have Capitalism, we will have to fight Fascism. This is the karma of all societies that tolerate the Capitalist system. Nazis because the Nazis were the ones who brazenly put a simplified Black Sun on their fucking flag. Why is the Nazi Swastika a Black Sun emblem? Because color is everything. Normally, a swastika can be any color. It is a sun symbol. Used from China, to India, and, once upon a time, Europe. Making that symbol black on a white background, whether they new it or not, ties straight in to the correlations observed by Stanton Marlan. They wore fucking skulls on their uniforms! Cancer for reasons already discussed. And shits because fascists are little shits. No! Because the psychic shit pollution of Corporate life opens the gate for the Black Sun entity.

Fascists steal symbols and culture because the Black Sun creates nothing, it only consumes/destroys. Christian culture, Pagan culture, Islamic culture, Buddhist culture, it is all getting chewed on right now by the Black Sun. Many of you have known the pain of seeing things meaningful and sacred denounced as Fascist. It seeks to appropriate and use and destroy all things on all levels. It brings total devastation, and I have to wonder if this isn't the Great Filter itself. The Black Sun, when it finally has the power to wipe a planet clean, becomes the death nightmare of the entire biosphere. By the anxiety stress of all life as it slowly cooks under Corporate pollution, material and psychic, it draws vast power. That's the bad news.

Well, so what?

Yes, what is to be done. At some point violence will happen, is happening, has happened. The recent brood of Black Sun acolytes world wide have been busy. Busy killing and seizing resources. The U.S. knows the pain of unavenged murder. Myanmar knows the pain of unavenged genocide. The Islamic State has been very busy with genocide. In the Rich countries of the U.S./Western European world, the cancer has not spread so fast, but it spreads. Nazis, 969, IS. These are just a few, the most prominent, of the Black Sun's acolyte groups. This is why the People's Protection Units and other Militias of what was once called Rojava are heroes deserving of epic poetry. They stood against the full fury of this thing and won. My respect for them is as deep as my respect for my grandfather, who also fought Fascists.

Violence is urged by many. Considering the outbreaks of the Black Sun recorded in 20th century history, violence as a solution is the rational product of inductive reasoning. This cancer will not kill itself until you force it to.

I will demand violence of no one. I also shouldn't have to. You are all free, and capable of making decisions. But I will encourage you to be strong, and ready, and to not stay your hand or hesitate in defense of self and others. It's a cancer. Don't let yourself be caught off guard if you know the fight is on, and with cancer the fight is always on, whether you fight or not.

The ultimate cure for this is the end of Capitalism. But we need more than physical conflict. It isn't enough. We need symbolic conflict. We need spiritual conflict. We need Christmas. No, hold on! Hold on! Stay with me! Stay with me! We need the real Christmas. We need the Saturnalia! We, all of us, need irresponsible partying, within a bound length of time. We already have this in the form of Christmas. I argue that time is wasted getting people to call it Saturnalia and aping some lame reconstruction of Roman partying. I mean, I would like that, but we need this now and as my wife says, “We roll with what we've got”. Fuck it, who cares what historical skin it is wearing now. Know it for what it is and what it can do for you; you know, like a wizard would.

Only Saturn can fight Saturn. We need Santa Clauses with toys, Shamans with sacraments, all the Christmas stuff. All the Winter spirits and ghosts, tutelary gods, Saints and Druids. All of it. We need all of it. The roll reversal of Saturnalia is important. Be sure to elect a Winter King, according to the rules of Bedlam; his kingdom shall be a party and his mandate is getting down.

So, the fight then here is the decommercialization of Christmas and the return of long Christmas holidays, with more pointless traditions and partying. All but emergency services being closed up the week long, long Christmas. Workers go home, do drugs and fuck! Give each other nice shit and eat too much! Spend your money only on things you will consume during this week long revel or on gifts for others! For the sake of the Gods and all life on Earth, have fun.

I do not ask that you waste time getting this legislated, I instead suggest you save your money and then call in sick, or just straight up plan a Christmas Strike! Saturn's positive aspects restore life, it will give you the strength to fight the Fascists as well as reducing the spread of it in the collective psyche. “But it will just become a support of Capitalism and perpetuate it and blah blah fucking blah!” It already is that. Take that shit back! The workers need the strength to fight, and recreation is essential for human health. Heed the wisdom of your ancestors, and fuck off on the Winter Solstice! Capitalism doesn't technically need Christmas to perpetuate itself, humans need to fuck off on the Winter Solstice, we need it. We need it now, definitely. It is the antidote to the Black Sun. Christmas will save the day, if you but see the value in expropriating it for the revolution, for all life on the planet really.

Here's a pointless no shit revelation. Left to itself, the Black Sun will bring even more devastation than it did the last time it seized state resources. Because this time state resources amount to enough weaponry to kill everything. Are you scared yet? It wants to kill everything, even itself, and it can do that with the push of a button. It will do that with the push of a button. My recommendation is that we take this a bit seriously. A bit. I would never council the unwisdom of taking it absolutely seriously. If you're taking it absolutely seriously, then please, this holiday, do some drugs, eat a lot, waste time and get yourself off on Christmas. Your fellow beings will thank you for it. Do the right thing and encourage others to also fuck off on Christmas. This is important. Take your health seriously, and have a happy holiday.



A Discordian for 20 years, Patacelsus finally got comfortable when the 21st century “started getting weird.” When not casting sigils, taking part in Tibetan Buddhist rituals, or studying the unfortunate but sometimes amusing stories of the dead, he’s been known to wander the hidden ways of the city, communing with all of the hidden spirits one can find in a city. As Patacelsus sees it, we’re all already free; after completing the arduous task of waking up to that we can then proceed, like a doctor treating a patient, to try to rouse others from the bitter and frightening nightmares of Archism. He laughs at Samsara’s shadow-play in lovely California, in the company of his wife, two cats, and two birds.