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Angie Speaks, Episode 12: Jordan Peterson, Jungian Archetypes, and Masculinity

What explains the popularity of far-right academic Jordan Peterson? Is it possible he’s a monster the Left helped create? And what about his usage of Jungian psychology and his sharp appeal to disaffected men?

Angie tackles all these questions with an eye towards not just how to combat the ideas of people like Peterson, but how to reclaim the ideological territory that the far-right steals.
(25 minutes/18 November 2018)

About Angie Speaks:

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Angie Speaks is an Anarchist, Leftist, video series with a creative and mystical flair! Angie blends together the historical, the artistic and the esoteric in a fun and accessible way that highlights the importance of the subjective and creative aspects within leftist thought.

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