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The Screaming Ones

Become the screaming ones.

The screaming ones
live in the crags and cracks of sharp stones
live in forest hollow and the ridges of mind.

The screaming ones
suckle cold limp bodies of babies, plastic-choked beasts
swaddle bodies blown apart by blasts of drone and IED.

The screaming ones
confound the heroes upon ships sailing for wealth and murder
conjure them to colonize instead the choppy ocean waters.

The screaming ones
blast the stupefying spell of one-hour delivery
blast the somnolent happiness of convenience.

The screaming ones
cause the heart to itch and race, curing indifferent blood
rouse those sleeping in ease to the knowing of darkness.

The screaming ones
whelm us in surges of overwhelming sorrow
buffet us with tears and panic attack.

The screaming ones
accuse the bringers of death who condemn themselves
and weep in rage when they plug their ears with wax

for those who know the streets are paved in blood and bone
for those who know the crimes done, the crimes to come
Become the screaming ones.

Anthony Rella

Anthony Rella is a witch, writer, and psychotherapist living in Seattle, Washington. Anthony is a student and mentor of Morningstar Mystery School and a member of the Fellowship of the Phoenix. Anthony has studied and practiced witchcraft since starting in the Reclaiming tradition in 2005. More on his work is available at his website.

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