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Rituals Against The Prisons

Editor's note: We received these rituals via an anonymous email and are passing it along to our readers. We also recommend invocations to Dionysos Eleutherios (Dionysus the Liberator), as well as Hecate, Brig Ambue, and other gods of outcasts, those considered "criminal," and gods who rule over the transgression of walls and boundaries. We have also made this post available as a downloadable .pdf designed for printing as a flier. See the end of this post for the file and printing instructions.

Solidarity with prisoners and those who fight prisons everywhere.

Ritual of Protection for Prison Rebels

Cleanse yourself and your working space

Make offerings of tobacco to the land and the indigenous ancestors of the land you are on, and the lands beneath the rebelling prisons honor the sovereignty of the indigenous ancestors and their living descendants deny the legitimacy of the so called United States denounce the wickedness of its walls

Make offerings of water, wine, or rum to the abolitionist ancestors especially those whose uprisings bookend the dates of this strike to Nat Turner and George Jackson and all who fought with them to the Attica martyrs to all those rebels named and unnamed who came before

Light a red candle

Ask the abolitionist ancestors to protect and strengthen the prison rebels to be wakeful as you are being wakeful to be watchful as you are being watchful to tend the flame as you are tending the flame

List the names of specific prisoners who have been targets of repression, including but not limited to: Michael Kimble, Ronald Brooks, Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Kevin Rashid Johnson, Keith Malik Washington, Randy Watterson, Tod J Martin, and Jase Duras

List the names of specific prisons that have seen uprisings, including but not limited to: Sterling (Colorado), Hyde (North Carolina), Lanesboro (North Carolina), Central (North Carolina), McCormick (South Carolina), Burnside (Nova Scotia), Saguaro (Arizona), Folsom (California), the Northwest Detention Center (Washington), all 11 prisons in New Mexico, and various other prisons in Halifax, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Keep vigil over the candle for as long as you are able

Remain open to messages from the spirits

Thank the ancestors

Allow the candle to finish burning.

Hex Against the Prison System

Gather those you trust

Banish the techno-vampiric-apparatus which lives in your pockets

Plan an attack against one of companies profiting from prison labor [these lists are readily available]

find a target near you

scout, witness, intuit, employ psychogeography to discover which spirits are present the gaps in surveillance escape routes

Choose a weapon egg: to carry the hex wheatpaste: to adorn walls superglue: for the locks paint: to inscribe sigils, mantras rocks: to open the way for the spirits fire: to purify

Consult the spirits by way of divination to doublecheck the plan

Wear dark colors for protective energy and a mask to cultivate a state of ek-stasis (being outside of self)

Light a black candle

Pour out offerings of wine or water to the darkness to the night to the stars and moon to the crossroad spirits to the city itself and the wild things in it and to the web which connects our gestures across space and time

Extinguish a burning herb in a bowl of fresh water with which to Wash your weapon While praying: an attack, a blow,a jailbreak, complicitywhich joins and multipliesthe storm of refusalagainst the prison worldwild fire to the prisonsuntil all are free

Activate your sigils - (A) /// FttP

Carry out your attack

Get away without looking back

Leave your tools at a crossroads

Discard ritual attire

Thank the spirits the web, the wild ones, the city itself, the crossroads, and starry night

Full Moon: August 26th New Moon: September 9th Sun in Virgo—the sign of careful planning

You can download a printable copy of these rituals to distribute widely. We've designed it to fold in half as a booklet.

Simply download the file: Rituals Against Prisons. Then, print the two-paged document on one piece of 8.5x11 ("letter") paper. Make sure to follow instructions on your printer or copier for duplex printing if you have not done this before. Then, fold in half (with the title on the outside right).