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We pay our writers and editors for their work, and we do so only with your support.

While most other sites who pay their writers accept advertisements or use subscription/paywall models, we don’t want to. We’re one of the few who are still holding out against this.

We’re also facing an increasingly difficult social media environment, where capitalist corporations (especially Facebook) continue to demand advertisement payments in order to get our essays and books in front of our readers. This has led to a drop in revenue, and so we’re facing a shortfall for the remainder of 2019.

We’ll be blunt here. We need $3000 US by the end of August, 2019, in order to keep paying writers and editors for the rest of the year. If we reach this goal, we’ll be able to keep going. If not? We’ll need to cut staff, post fewer articles (as we’ve already had to do), and eventually close the blog completely.

Our situation is dire, but we’ve never been known to despair. With your help, we know we can continue. We know how important we’ve become to you: the many emails and messages we receive about how our work has inspired, changed perspectives, opened up entirely new worlds, and given our readers hope tell us so.

So thanks in advance for your donation, and also thank you for spreading the word about our call for support through social media and personal messages. And thank you deeply for being part of our beautiful resistance.

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Thank you, and resist beautifully.