The Broken Cauldron, from Lorna Smithers (digital)

The Broken Cauldron, from Lorna Smithers (digital)

“What lies in the cauldron now you have done away with the knowledge of wise women? Split the witches in half? Killed the giants? Driven to the seas the most ancient of boars? You are on the wrong quest, looking for the wrong grail, the cure-all that does not exist.”

Gods&Radicals is pleased to host the digital version of Lorna Smithers book, The Broken Cauldron.

At the centre of ancient British mythology stands the cauldron; a symbol of inspiration, wisdom, rebirth, the womb of Ceridwen, Old Mother Universe. What happens when it lies shattered, the universe fragmented, the world out of kilter?

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This is the digital edition of Lorna's book (PDF, 112 pages).

To order the print version, see this link (offsite).

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