A Kindness of Ravens (DIGITAL)

A Kindness of Ravens (DIGITAL)


"You are unborn dreaming remembering the past; you are the endless taking root in the now."

A Kindness of Ravens is the second collection of essays, poetry, and bardic musings by Rhyd Wildermuth, words woven into a tapestry evoking the hauntings of forests, the dying of Capital, and the gods of the revolutionary dead.

Rhyd Wildermuth is an anarchist writer, bard, theorist, and devotee of Welsh gods. He's also the co-founder of Gods&Radicals and editor of A Beautiful Resistance--Everything We Already Are.

Print Version available here:http://www.lulu.com/shop/rhyd-wildermuth/a-kindness-of-ravens/paperback/product-22547921.html

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