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100 pages, B&W perfect bound, matte cover, 8 X5 .25

“Their world lies behind ours like a bright shadow of reality: the shadow does not reflect what 'we have built (or destroyed), but what could be.”

What’s it like to speak to a god? Or more importantly, how do you know you’re actually speaking to one and not a voice you made up in your head? Why try to speak to gods at all? And what do we actually do about what they’re saying?

With earthly prose and her often hilarious wit, Druid and writer Judith O’Grady offers answers to these questions, along with deeply profound insight into the implications of modern animism in an overly-industrialized (and dying) world. Greatly expanding upon her earlier work (God-Speaking), Judith recounts her own experiences and rituals—from cleaning trash along river-banks to awakening sleeping spirits in abandoned urban places. Gods-Speaking narrates a world full of meaning in a time where we’ve forgotten humans are not the only beings with something to say.

“If you’ve ever just wanted to know how to talk to gods and change the world, and you’d rather learn how to do it from a kind elderly Druid woman (rather than some dense and overwrought esotericist who’s like 25 years old and can’t tell the difference between a Birch and an Alder), I think this book will mean as much to you as it meant to me.”

-Rhyd Wildermuth, from the Foreword.

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Gods-Speaking by Judith O’Grady was released into the world 1 May, 2019;

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In addition, Gods-Speaking can be purchased as part of a special themed pre-sale package, granting significant discounts on the included books. This package includes 5 books, each with similar themes:

  • Gods-Speaking, by Judith O’Grady

  • A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer (by Alley Valkyrie & Rhyd Wildermuth),

  • Pagan Anarchism (by Christopher Scott Thompson),

  • True to the Earth (by Kadmus), and

  • Witches In a Crumbling Empire (by Rhyd Wildermuth)

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