Full Catalogue (DIGITAL)

Full Catalogue (DIGITAL)


Download every one of our publications together and save $17

You will receive the following:

  • A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are
  • A Beautiful Resistance: The Fire Is Here
  • A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred
  • Pagan Anarchism, by Christopher Scott Thompson
  • Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World, by Dr. Bones
  • A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer, by Alley Valkyrie & Rhyd Wildermuth
  • A Kindness of Ravens, by Rhyd Wildermuth
  • Your Face is a Forest, by Rhyd Wildermuth

All files are pdfs except Pagan Anarchism, which is an .epub file. Simply extract the files from the downloaded folder.

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