Enchanting The Shadowlands, by Lorna Smithers (Digital)

Enchanting The Shadowlands, by Lorna Smithers (Digital)

"Few of her poems do what you think they’ll do; none of the paths she leads you down go where you expect, and each time you’re left a little breathless, a little surprised at yourself, and looking around for the guide you thought you were following." ( From Rhyd Wildermuth's review )

Gods&Radicals is pleased to host the digital version of Lorna Smithers' first collection of works, Enchanting The Shadowlands. Poems and short stories gathered from the local landscape in response to an imperative from Gwyn ap Nudd, Enchanting The Shadowlands does precisely what its title suggests.

This is the digital version (PDF, 113 pages). The print version can be ordered here (offsite).

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