DIGITAL: Circling The Star (by Anthony Rella)

DIGITAL: Circling The Star (by Anthony Rella)


(this is the digital edition. For the print edition, see this link)

With your freedom, what would you make of this world?

Gods&Radicals Press is pleased to announce our newest release: Circling the Star, by Anthony Rella.

Circling The Star is a practical journey into the esoteric wisdom of the Iron Pentacle for activists, witches, rebels, and mystics seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and of the world they wish to transform.

Circling the Star offers the seeker a spiritual philosophy which will empower their resistance to capital and Empire. Weaving together psychology, Egyptian polytheism, queer and occult theory, Kabbalah, intersectional feminism, and Feri witchcraft, witch and therapist Anthony Rella offers us a powerful manual for personal and political liberation.


All digital books are available for immediate download after purchase. This edition is a pdf, which preserves all the original formatting of the print edition.

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