Our Revolt

On the first of May, 2015, Gods&Radicals began, bearing a banner of tree and fist.

Holding in our hands the threads of anarchist, Marxist, anti-colonialist, druidic, feminist, occult, environmentalist, and esoteric thought, we began a dance around a center constantly plaiting, constantly weaving a fierce celebration of all that makes the world beautiful, all that we refuse to let be taken from us.

The forests are dying, but we join those who refuse to let them be killed. Water and air are being poisoned, but we hold in our own hands poison which can stop those who have done so. The poor and dispossessed of the world are ground in the works of Empire’s machines, but like the saboteurs of old we know how simple it can be to stop the turning of those gears forever.

We know the power of mead and molotov, the beauty of ancient forest and shattered window, the sacred celebration of spiral dance and protest march. We speak in the quiet whispers of conspiracy and graveyard, swim in the currents of tumultuous ocean and political dissent, read the future in the bones of animals and the pale faces of politicians.

We are a beautiful resistance.

We are Gods&Radicals Press.

Our Organization

We are a not-for-profit anti-capitalist Pagan publisher. Five women hold the space of our board of directors. They in turn supervise Rhyd Wildermuth, a co-founder of Gods&Radicals Press and its Managing Editor. Our online journal is edited by Mirna Wabi-Sabi, and our publishing staff variously includes Lorna Smithers, Li Pallas, Casandra Johns, Lia Hunter, and Rhyd Wildermuth.

Our Funding

We are anti-capitalist, so we have no owner. All post-cost revenue of sales from books are distributed equally between the authors and the organization. Authors of our online journal are paid from funds provided by donations from generous, dedicated readers. Our managing editor and site editor are also paid through funding from readers, not from sales. We do not accept adverts for our online or print works, and we do not take money from government or corporate grants.

Our Mission

Gods&Radicals Press seeks to undermine the dominance of capitalist-run publishing, as well as capitalism itself. Towards that end, we support small independent distros, prison outreach groups, and other anti-profit organizations with similar goals, and we are dedicated to fostering the work of other independent publishers provided they commit to paying their authors. We do not support the culture of exposure-as-pay: we are tired of watching brilliant people die from exposure.

Gods&Radicals Press is committed to opening, holding, and defending the space for voices in spiritual, magical, occult, and resistance communities. We care about the heretics, the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed; we do not care for—and we actively oppose—those who seek to silence them.