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Digital: 124p

The third collection of prose and poems by awenydd Lorna Smithers, Gatherer of Souls lures the reader into the mist-veiled forests of time to meet Gwyn Ap Nudd.

Chasing the chaser into his myths, hunting with the hunter into the place from which dreams and reality are both born, Lorna leads the reader into the wet caverns below the coal mines, across the ice fields long-since melted into sea, into a time long before witch-blood and wolf-blood could ever be stolen to build Empire.

As with her other books (Enchanting the Shadowlands and The Broken Cauldron), Gatherer of Souls seems at first to be an innocuous collection of prose and poems. Part of Lorna’s particular magic (and her path as an awenydd), however, is to lull the reader into a serene sense of wonder and familiarity before moving the earth beneath their feet. Like walking through a forest shrouded in mist, her narrative voice feels safe, close, quiet, but veils from your sight until it is time the unearthly truths she wants to show you.

—Rhyd Wildermuth

This is the digital edition of Gatherer of Souls. The print edition is available direct from the author. Gods&Radicals Press also offers a digital package containing all three books by Lorna Smithers