distro information

Gods&Radicals Press performs our own distribution of books, journals, stickers, and t-shirts within the United States. Books outside the United States are shipped directly from printers in one of three international affiliates we utilise (EU, United Kingdom, Australia). Other items are usually shipped from the US or from Europe.

As we do our own distribution, our wait times for delivery are often much longer than what customers accustomed to Amazon or other larger internet markets might expect.

Shipping methods vary by region and item. As a guideline, single books, stickers, and t-shirts are sent regular or priority mail; multiple book orders are send media/basic (tracking available in US only), and mixed orders often are shipped separately.

Shipping estimates to the following areas are averages.

  • US (books): 15 days

  • US (t-shirts, stickers): 15 days

  • UK (books): 15 days

  • UK (stickers): 20 days

  • EU (books): 15 days

  • EU (stickers) 8 days

  • CANADA/AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA (books): 30 days

  • CANADA/AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA (stickers): 15 days

  • REST OF THE WORLD (all items): 30 days


Gods&Radicals Press offers are books at wholesale rates for retailers. We also offer free shipping of retail orders ($300 minimum for regular retail, $150 minimum for non-profits/co-ops/collectives). To inquire about carrying our work in your establishment, contact us at Distro@abeautifulresistance.com