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The Wizard & the Prophet ... and the Microbiologist?: 3 Visions of Our Future

Norman Borlaug and William Vogt are, respectively, the Wizard and the Prophet in the title of Charles Mann’s 2018 book, The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow’s World. Mann presents Borlaug and Vogt as archetypes, representatives of two different visions of humankind’s relationship with the natural world: the one viewing nature as a something to be bent to the will of humankind, the other viewing nature as something to which humankind must bend.

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The Importance of Folklore

The Anansi stories hold a special place in my heart, what with my family, or at least the paternal side, hailing from the Caribbean. But there’s another important aspect to not only the Anansi stories, but most folk stories, generally speaking of course. Many of them come from the common people. These stories are born from the shared struggle against the harshness of life.

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Hannah Arendt, bell hooks, Slavoj Zizek...just a few names on an ever-growing list of philosophers that good leftists aren't “allowed" to read anymore because of something “problematic" they said.

In this episode, Alley and Rhyd discuss the “canceling" of artists, philosophers, and other creators and trace the roots of our obsession with right belief to the Christian wars against heresy and the Calvinist obsession with faith over works.

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