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On the Wings of Birds

The phrase ‘Gods & Radicals’, was something of a koan to me when I first considered submitting material to this journal. I’m wary of the term ‘radical’ which so often slips from its original meaning of ‘seeking change from the root up’ into the values-empty ‘change by whatever means necessary’. On a recent walk, however, I found the two words ‘Gods’ and ‘Radicals’ suddenly coming together very naturally…

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Revolution At The Witching Hour: The Legacy of Midnight Notes

Sylvia Federici's "Caliban & The Witch" radically transformed our understanding of the witch burnings. Here are other books from her and the Midnight Notes Collective of deep interest to Pagan Anti-Capitalists

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The Roots of Our Resistance

From Rhyd Wildermuth: " Rootless people are easily controlled and coerced, people without the stories, myths, and spirits of a place have nowhere to turn beside the market for the creation of their meaning."

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